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How Can I Decorate My Home?

Every house needs a makeover to benefit the expectations of the people living in it. While several people prefer hiring an interior designer to groom their surroundings to be more livable, on the other hand, a majority of people love to decorate their homes via DIY projects as it gives them a feeling of personal touch and love.

Well if you are the kind of person who loves to decorate their home doing DIY projects, this article is for you. In the next few paragraphs we will give you some ideas to feel that personal touch and love in your surroundings with an aesthetically pleasing view.

7 DIY Home Decorating Tips

1. Make your front door look unique

Your front door should look happy and welcoming, for this you can try using happy colors such as aqua blue, yellow, red, orange, or whatever your favorite color is. A home that looks happy makes people around it feel happy. If you are good at writing decor content then you must try home decor write for us.

Or use a screened panel door if you are planning to replace your old door.

2. Select the wall’s color as per the dimensions.

If your house is not so spacious and you want to make it look big, you should go with light and neutral colors as these colors reflect light more than the darker colors and give off the illusion of a prominent place.

And if you like darker colors, then you should go with colors like black, blue, wine red, etc, try to balance these colors with lighter one, because staring at such colors for a more extended period can make you feel gloomy and dark colors absorbs a lot of light which can make the room look dull and unhappy. Either you balance it with lighter shades, or you should have an excellent lighting source to cancel out the gloomy vibe of the room.

3. A welcoming layout of chairs in the living area.

The layout of chairs, sofas, and tables should be grouped facing each other to invite conversations; try to aim for balance while laying out the furniture in the living room.

Also, placing the furniture strategically instead of randomly can change the entire look and feel of the area.

There are two ideal placements you try depending on the aesthetics and space of the room: the U shape and the H shape.

U shape- A sofa and two chairs facing each other with a table in the middle

H shape- a sofa directly placed across two chairs with a table in the middle

4. Lit up your kitchen with natural lights

Replace the old and outdated window treatments and consider buying sheer drapes, so there is a lot more natural light in the kitchen.

Of Course, you would need to install the lights for efficient visibility in the dark, but during day time, you can utilize nature’s resources. It won’t only make the kitchen look more fresh and happy but also save your electricity bill.

For window treatments, try using light-colored cotton, silk blend, or linen panels, as these panels last longer.

5. A mirror in every room

A mirror in every room is a good option if you prefer a brighter and bigger space. The presence of a mirror can give off the illusion of a bigger and brighter room.

Mirror in every room

Also, the placement of the mirror plays a significant role in making the room brighter. If you put the mirror directly across the window, it will reflect the light right out of it, but if you place it perpendicularly to the mirror, it will do the job perfectly.

6. Choose artworks by keeping the dynamics of the wall in your mind.

If you like to hang posters, pictures, or artwork on the wall, try placing them not too high. It would look more attractive if it’s set at eye level.

If you plan to place a few wall artworks altogether, get a few more miniature artworks and one great artwork to put in the middle of the other paintings; try to keep the gap less between the hangings.

7. Layer the lightings

Lights are the necessities one should have in the house, but besides radiating the place, the lights play a significant role in increasing the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Try layering the different types of lights to make a statement out of it. For example, try hanging lights with the recessing lights.

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